Bustle Pad

We at Tailor Mouse love historical costuming, and so we’d like to share with you a quick and easy bustle pillow. Please note this pillow is not historically accurate, it is just a simple way to achieve the bustle effect.

A medium-size bustle pad

First decide how big you want your bustle to be. You can use just one cresent for just a very small bustle, or three will make quite a large one.

Measure how long you need the inner side of your cresents to be to fit on your back waist, and draw this curve on a piece of paper either freehand or with a french curve. Make it quite a shallow curve: a deep curve will not sit as comfortbly.

Then draw another, deeper curve to turn this into a cresent. If you are making more than one cresent, make each one almost twice as big as the last.

Cut out your cresent patterns and lay them on your fabric. Cut out two of each.

Stitch your cresents, right sides together, leaving a gap to turn them and stuff them.

Turn them right sides out, and stuff them firmly with cotton stuffing or scraps of fabric. Cotton stuffing will produce a smoother finish but you could get away with fabric scraps if your skirt fabric is heavy enough.

Slip stitch closed the gaps in the cresents. Line up the inner curves of the cresents, smallest on top, largest on bottom. Either stitch the cresents together or safety pin them. If you use pins, make sure they will be hidden in between the pillows so they won’t come open and hurt you. If you use safety pins you can add or take away pads to go with different outfits.

Take a length of ribbon, long enough to be tied in a bow around your waist, and stitch it to the top pad. You can take two smaller lengths if you like and sew them to the corners, as long as they can be tied in front.

The bustle pad from above

A close-up

Volia! A very quick bustle!


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